Accommodating religion in the workplace

Work-related meetings sometimes include a meal and begin with an invocation -- this usually involves a brief prayer of thanks.

Many jobsites, especially those with a measure of risk, will end a safety meeting with a brief prayer to keep all workers safe during their shift.

Employers are familiar with “reasonable accommodation” under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

“Reasonable accommodations” for religious issues is somewhat different under the discrimination laws.

And again, undue hardship is a familiar term from the Americans with Disabilities Act but it is applied differently in the context of religious issues. For example, an employee who is prohibited by religious practice from working on the Sabbath may be given an alternative schedule.It is also, of course, a legally protected subject.Religious belief is a protected classification under the federal Civil Rights Act and/or various state anti-discrimination generally considered to be the top academic journal in the field of religious studies.This international quarterly journal publishes top scholarly articles that cover the full range of world religious traditions together with provocative studies of the methodologies by which these traditions are explored.

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Just as there are persons who would be dismayed to have such practices ceased, there are those who object to and resent being asked to engage in prayer at their workplace. We are protective of our religious beliefs; or lack thereof.

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