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We've uncovered the best and brightest young talent on air coupled with an unmatched production team, led internally by our Head of Development Cori Abraham; and we're so excited for season two." Aissa added, "This New Group of remarkable young men and women are going to ignite the conversation around this remarkable show.

Their dream grand prize: a guest starring role on the hit FOX series "Glee." Season one of the critically-lauded "The Glee Project" electrified Gleeks all over the world and saw its winners, Damian Mc Ginty and Samuel Larsen, each land seven-episode arcs on the hit series "Glee," with two of the final four contenders, Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell, both earning two-episode arcs as runners-up.

The head had mussed black hair, cropped up in the back with a sheath of bangs hanging over her face. Slowly, she tore away from the envelope of covers before she got too attached and ended up missing the first day of her junior year. Better than the miniskirt and see-through tank top Mom treated, she mused, stripping of her sports' tank and plaid pajama bottoms.

She groans, running a hand over her face, trying to remove the lack of sleep from her eyes. She heads toward the bathroom with her newfound clothing. Her hair was still dripping from the quick shower she'd managed and her fingers were pruny.

Oh, and I wish Ryan Murphy could've just recast all of the Glee Project cast on Glee, I think it would've been smart. : D I do not own All Time Low's "Remembering Sunday" or Edwin Mc Cain's "I'll Be". xx.(-)The small box-clock sings, wakening the dark room with it's loud, annoying pitch.

They meet in the most random way, and go through a few months together, and fall in love. I hate hating, but I ship Blellie and I love Aylin, I just felt the need to jack up her character.

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