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Therefore, if a woman is devalued every time she opens her legs to have sex, then it is in her interest to gain as much from each sexual encounter as she possibly can.In the patriarchal society that we live in, whether women have sex for free or for profit, they are still subject to the same slut shaming, and reputation damaging consequences for being sexual.There was much ado about Amnesty International’s call to legalize prostitution, with Nigerian bodies reliably condemning it as another sign of Western moral decay.At first blush, it’s easy to be aghast at the very thought of such a proposition.She “knows the two and they are much in love”, she said.I told her, I also understand Showbiz and I am certain the end is near…. Com have had suspicions that things have not been great between Eazzy and Keitta for sometime now—-based on the fact that the two have grew apart in terms of public appearances. Our suspicion seems to have been confirmed via the below tweet Eazzy sent out today.We reached out to Eazzy for a comment and we’ve heard nothing back! We’ve made several calls out and we’ve learnt that; with Eazzy chasing her career, hoping to blow out BIG, Keitta pretty much fits no where—-the beginning of the little problems.

Other survey highlights:* Women 40 to 54 (23%) followed by women 65-plus (21%) were more anxious to start dating right away through the first three months than women 55 to 64 (16%);* Women 65-plus (49%) were most apt to wait two years or longer before dating; and* Of respondents who were married, but separated, 44% started dating right away through the first three months of their separations and 72% within one year.

Online Dating, Social Activities, Fix-ups Provide Most Opportunities.

Aggressive Daters Each Meet More Than 100 From Internet Sites, According to Rand Deminc's "March Forth Dating Again Over 40 Relationship Study."CHICAGO - Sept. as a result of separation, divorce, becoming widowed or loss of a long term significant other, gravitated to Internet dating sites, social activities and group events, and introductions or fix-ups by family, friends and co-workers as their primary means for finding dates.“The majority (70%) have met between two and ten people from online sites during their dating tenures while the really aggressive have met more than 100 potential mates from digital dating,” Deminc added.

I am sure a certain Lawyer who represents Reggie Rockston and several Ghanaian entertainers will be saying; Chris is a wizard…

After Eazzy and Keitta’s Big Brother pull and push, I had the privilege to meet the above lawyer in London and during our discussion; I zoomed IN on Eazzy and Keitta…

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