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with the First Presidency stating in 1947 that the doctrine of the Church which banned interracial marriage and black people from entering the temple or receiving the priesthood was never questioned by any of the Church leaders.The doctrinal undergirding to the priesthood ban for black members was re-emphasized in the church's first of three First Presidency statements in 1949.

After Joseph Smith's death, Brigham Young taught that black suffrage went against church doctrine, that God had taken away the rights for blacks to hold public office, and that God would curse whites who married blacks. Russell Ballard, excerpted from "Counseling with Your Councils" - Recently, the Church announced that in 2018 "Teaching of the Prophets" manuals will no longer be used in Relief Society or priesthood meetings.Instead, ward leaders will be able to choose general conference talks and gospel topics to prepare lessons tailored to their ward's needs.Tied up on the floor, Kevin whispered, “Let’s all pray that Jesus will protect us and make the bad guys go away.” The five boys prayed together. He explained to his father: “Dad, when I was tied up on the floor and we were all praying for you, Jesus told me not to worry.” And so, Robert says, that’s what he did.Then, for reasons that no one can explain, the robbers suddenly left -- without taking hardly anything. He quit worrying, because he knew Jesus was going to take care of everything.

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Young did teach that the ban on blacks would one day be lifted.

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