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It has also appeared in variety shows and for royalty at the Victoria Palace Theatre, and was the first jazz band to play a summer season at Butlins.

Mr Roy attended Glendale Grammar School but did not discover jazz until his late teens.

"I had three lessons, then got thrown out for playing the blues, so I never learned to read music; I just taught myself to play." It proved the start of a lifelong passion that would see Mr Roy tour the UK and Europe, play at leading jazz clubs including Pizza Express, The 100 club, The Marquee and The Cavern Club, and appear on ITV and BBC TV.

Today his band 'Reeds Unlimited' regularly plays in Oxford.

Even walking down the street involves intimacy now.

We have to look out for each other just going to the shops.

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I started charting my facial changes during mood swings over ten years ago. My vision changes profoundly with euphoric mania- colors become very vivid and start to move around. (I swear I see in black and white when severely depressed.) Conversely, dysphoric mania narrows my vision and I squint and look angry around the eyes. Believe it or not, this is often physically true as well. I have seen what look like silver, shimmering flicks in the whites of my eyes when euphoric. We all know how easy it is to get a relationship when you’re euphoric. We focus these sparkling eyes on our unsuspecting prey and they are lost!

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