Paypal pdt identity token for validating orders

Website Payment Preferences: Auto Return: ONReturn URL is set Payment Data Transfer (PDT): ONID-Token: (yes given)Encrypted Website Payments: OFFPaypal Account Optional: ONHere are the setting in nop Commerce (under Payment Methods):only one active is ' Pay Pal Standard'support capture: falserefund: falsepartial refund: falsevoid: falserecurring support: Not Supportedand its configured as follows:use sandbox: disabledbiz email: (my real paypal-email)PDT Token: (very long and correct)PDT validate order totals:enabledaddl fee: 0.23 € for testpass productnames: disabledemail IPN: enabled IPN Handler: (I took the default-mentioned using my store-domain)Now something I saw today in Pay Pal under the ' Profile Seller Settings'is a section called: API settingshere its asked to decide between 2 options:(A) Grant API permissions to a third party to use certain Pay Pal APIs on your behalf? Hi this is useful, however I'm not sure v2.80 works with these instructions. I thought I was supposed to be directed to a paypal web page at this point? His instructions worked great for me in v 2.7 except for one thing.(B) Request API credentials to create your own API username and password? I am not experted, many things doesnt mean anything to me, so I am desperately asking for your help. Use Sandbox is checked Transaction mode is set to "Authorise & Capture"API Account Name and Password are as per my Paypal Sandbox Business Account Payment Review and Negative Test Mode are enabled in the account also For signature I used the Identity Token Even if I should be doing this on the production Server (Which I would prefer not to do) surely I should still reach some sort of Pay Pal interface? nop 2.7 has a different return url which needs to be used.But, Paypal doesnt provide Seller protection on the transactions that are made on the Website.. Hello Haseeb, We unfortunately do not have much information on Seller protection.I have checked with a couple of my customers as well to confirm - i.e, they ordered on my website, it went throug perfectly fine and I receieved the amount, but Seller Protection was somehow ineligible.. You can information at the Paypal site regarding Seller Benefits.Naturally, I used the same Paypal account (the one I use with my Ebay store) to accept payments on my own website..Now, the payment gateway works and customers are able to use Paypal easily to send in orders..Carole Bennett is the founder and principal of Indigo Tea.

I am really frustrated, as I want to setup Paypal Standard module in my shop and its not working. I did read everything about, and I assume I followed also all instructions.She considers multi-tasking skills gained from simultaneously 1) managing a fire performance troupe, 2) raising a family, and 3) working as a full-time IT consultant excellent preparation for her current career incarnation as the driving force behind Indigo Tea."Fire-breathing redhead on a mission" is not just a metaphorical description!1 Note the 404 messages in the server logs below which start appearing once you have clicked "Pay" in paypal.Once you then click on "return to Sellers Website" the IPN comes through and gets processed ok.

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