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Unlike sedatives such as diazapam, antihistamines don't cause Felix to be disoriented and confused.If you're using it to calm him down during traveling, make sure his carrier is comfortable and familiar.If you've ever taken Benadryl for allergies or itching, you know it can make you sleepy.If you're planning on taking Felix on a road trip, you may want to sedate him so he naps away the ride. Benadryl is a the brand name for the antihistamine drug diphenhydramine hydrochloride.Typically you'll give the cat a dose that's a fraction of human dosage -- half a pill or less.In cats, the sedative effect of diphenhydramine lasts for eight to 12 hours.

As with all sprays and medications, it’s important to test your cat’s reaction to the pheromones in the event it creates a negative reaction and causes her to interpret the scent as another cat’s markings and turn aggressive.Anyone who has ever seen a cat zero in on catnip knows the effect the plant has on felines.But many people don't realize that dogs like catnip, too.There is a myth, probably devised by canine lovers, that cats make poor travel companions.Any adventure cat owner knows this is totally false, but traveling with your favorite feline can come with a special set of requirements. We have several tips and tricks to make your trip smooth as catnip.

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