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I understand that there is a new version of the GIMP available, although it appears that the only way of doing this is by compiling from source : P Is there another way of getting it, or if I have to compile can I do that through the terminal or better still; a GUI? Unlikely for the following reason: The dependencies of the latest versions of Gimp require a-lot of the latest underlying libraries that you will not find by default in any version below 12.04.Thus, you will need to recompile and rewrite portions of the code to get it to compile.An example could be red eye removal on photographs.

Looking at the dependency lists for 12.04 version of Gimp, these are also not available in 11.10.The primary communication environment for all things documentation in the project is the [email protected] mailing list.We encourage you to talk to fellow team members publicly about which part of the documentation you are hacking on.Well, GIMP 2.10 is currently blocked by some improvements that have yet to be implemented, such as the introduction of linear workflow, reworked layer modes, and improved color management, among others.The PPA also includes updated GIMP Plugin Registry, a colection of many optional GIMP extensions, as well as the G'MIC (GREYC's Magic foor Image Computing) GIMP plugin which includes more than 450 filters.

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